Goodbye Japan

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Well, this is it. I’m leaving tomorrow and Japan will be left behind. A lot of stuff has happened over the past two years that I never really got to write about on this blog, but pretty much no one reads it anyway, so yeah :(
I never really thought I would be this sad to to leave but here I am wishing for just a bit more time. Still, at the same time I’m eager to get back to my wonderful life back home where everything is good and right (in my world). So all in all, it was one incredible experience but I’m happy to go home now.
Thankyou everyone <3



New Year’s Day FAIL :(

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Hey guys! Happy New Year!

My first day of 2012 was spent climbing a mountain at 6 o’clock in the morning. It was supposedly to see the sun rise but the sun was behind the clouds so it was kinda pointless. ;( Ah well, it was a good experience! (….)

Man, I’m tired now. Excuse me while I go sleep.


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The Big Holiday Day 9 – The E.N.D.

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Yes I know my life is not a Black Eyed Peas album but whatever.

Today was the last day of TBH (the big holiday!) :( In the morning we left lovely Palace Japan and split up; dad and Felix went to Akihabara and mum and I went back to Shibuya to shop. I got a really pretty top at good old 109, then we hopped on many trains, then a plane to get back home to Hiroshima.

All in all it was a great holiday! :D

(Great, if I was this sad in 8 days think how sad I’ll be to be leaving Sunami after 2 whole years!!!! D:)


ruby xoxo


The Big Holiday Day 8 – more Tokyo

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Today we went to Ameyoko-cho, and big market area. It wasn’t really my scene (fashion capitals – see day 7 – being more my scene) but I had a good time and scored some black Converses.

After that we went to Tokyo station and watched bullet trains, including this sexy beast:

looked at lots of shops, and ran into this dude:

That pretty much took up the whole day, so, yeah!


awesome iphone/itouch home button stickers!!!


The Big Holiday Day Day 7 – Tokyo

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 Today we departed Palace Japan (I love you Palace Japan!) and first caught a taxi to a popular Japanese temple Sensoji in downtown Tokyo. It looked suspiciously plastic and fake but I guess a paint job does wonders. We also wandered along all the cute shops near it.


(Check out that massive sandal!!!!)

After temple-spotting we headed over to see Tokyo Sky Tree (a super-tall tower), the most talked-about subject at my school. Unfortunately  it was TOO big and wouldn’t fit in a photo :( So here’s one off the web to give you an idea:

too big. just TOO big.

After THAT, we went to Shibuya, one of the biggest areas in Tokyo, also known as FASHION CAPITAL (I think).

random boy band...

We went to Shibuya 109, a big building filled with fashion. It was absolutely INCREDIBLE. I was in heaven :D

my own shop :D right under my bff's shop

After a hard day hitting the streets we ate yummy curry and went back to the hotel.


The Big Holiday Day 6 – Departure of Nagano & Arrival in Tokyo

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Today was our last day of skiing :( I went back to the skis. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too good but we gave it all we had. Yeah, man.
After lunch we packed our bags, said farewell to the St Antons and hopped on the shinkansen (bullet train) to Tokyo, where we will be spending the last 3 nights of the Big Holiday. We checked into our hotel; it was really nice and new! Not to mention I found it :P


Hotel Palace Japan. (Unfortunately not my photography. Note the two IMACS in the corner!!! :D )

We went down to the supermarket and bought ourself a feast and then ate it at the hotel – my dinner was yogurt, granola and a banana. Woohoo! After that I was so tired I crashed into bed. Can’t wait for the next exciting saga in Tokyo!!!

Stay tuned trusty readers! xo


The Big Holiday Day 5 – Boxing Day Blizzard

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The name pretty much says it all…….today on snowboard it was terrible weather and I had a pretty horrible time. Because I didn’t have goggles I couldn’t see in front of myself, it was snowing in my face, I was freezing etc. etc.

blizzard protection!

We headed home early in the afternoon and chilled back at lovely Haus St Anton. Before dinner, though, I was forced to go in an Onsen (Japanese hot springs). In case you didn’t know I LOATHE Onsens, and for a good reason too! It’s a lot of people in a hot steamy bath, naked. I think I’ve said enough there.
xo :D

ancient traditional tissue box


The Big Holiday Day 4 – White Christmas and Epic Ski Fail

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Today it was Christmas day and my first ever white (snowy) Christmas!!! Santa wasn’t able to make it this year but I got a really pretty coat that I’d had my eye on for months but never thought I’d get :D I will upload a photo as soon I take one.
We went skiing today as well, first in the morning. I decided to go on the snowboard today. It was hard at first but really fun. We went home at lunchtime in preparation for night skiing, but it turned out that night skiing wasn’t on so we quickly went back out again. However we barely had any time to ski, the lifts finished up for the day and we had to walk home with all our gear. :( Ah, well. It was still a great Christmas!



The Big Holiday Day 3 – Skiing!!!

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Today we roused (?) early and departed for the slopes. Today I also picked skiing. I luuurve skiing. Anyway, the weather was absolutely AMAZING, so clear you could see right up to the top of the mountain!


Mum and I had a ski lesson in the morning to sharpen up our skills and then we all skied/snowboarded for a while. We took lovely scenic routes and had a great time.

the terrifying moving walkway!



The Big Holiday Day 2 – Arrival in Nagano

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Hey folks!

Today we left our wifi-free :( hotel and went by bullet train, then bus to our cute little lodge, Haus St Anton. The food is DELICIOUS and it’s a log house!!! :D There was also soooooo much snow it was unbelievable!!! If only it snowed this much in Sunami :P

We then headed off to the slopes. (We are in a ski town; the ski complex is in walking distance.) This particular one is popular with foreigners too we saw lots of English-speaking people. The weather was ok; it was snowing lightly but we still managed to have an amazing time on the fantastic slopes!!! (Seriously – there are so many to choose from and there’s so much to explore!) In Japan skiing and snowboarding are equally popular do both at a ski field. Today I picked skiing with mum and Dad and Felix did snowboarding, but I have snowboarded before and am looking forward to it!

We finished up early in the afternoon and crashed at the lovely lodge until we were fed dinner – absolutely incredibly high-quality food served over a two-hour period! So that was exhausting in itself too.

All in all a great fun day though – can’t wait to ski/snowboard some more!!!

xo :)



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